Publication Features

The Guides are:

  • All comments, annotations and citings emphasized by color and placement
  • Printed in a 7 by 8.5 inch format
  • Color coded by publication
  • Spiral bound, heavy cover stock
  • Printed on both sides of a sheet


  • Each sentence is separated by a blank line to make it easier to read the text.
  • In some instances, text may be indented to further enhance reading.


  • Where helpful, lists that are not identified in the original text as (a), (1), etc. are  listed in bullet order.

Section References

  • Wherever a sentence or paragraph begins with a reference such as (a) or (1), the complete reference will be shown. For example, (a) might become 4b(1)(a) or (1) might become 4b(1).
  • If references such as (a) or (1) appear inside a sentence or paragraph, the complete reference will not be shown but an “Internal reference” item will appear in the right margin that will identify not only the complete reference but a brief description (or title) for the reference.


  • The most recent text is shown in the PocketGuide but final revisions and their Federal Register reference and data are shown in the right margin. This includes all “Final revisions” since 1968.
    This will allow the reader to identify when and where a particular paragraph or subparagraph was revised.

Internal References

  • References to another section(s) or subsection(s) (e.g., F2 or b) are identified in the margin.

Externally referenced materials

  • References may be "nested" inside a document, including regulations, court decisions, publications, etc. 
  • A brief description of each such reference in identified in the margin.
  • A copy of the text of each reference in included.


  • Keywords, phrases or sentences are underlined at the discretion of the editor of the PocketGUIDE.


  • At the discretion of the editor, a comment may be shown in the right margin.


  • Sources such as a dictionary, website are checked to help define words, terms, etc. For example, “fixed price arrangements” may not be defined in the original text but a definition is offered in the GUIDE.

Unallowable costs (including “not allowable”)

  • References to unallowable costs are highlighted a special font.

Prior approval requirements (including “needs approval” and similar language)

  • References to unallowable costs are highlighted in a special font.



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